Dear colleagues!

Welcome to the collection of research papers “Herald of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine”, which is being published by the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine together with the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University for more than 20 years at a run.

The main purpose of current edition is achievement of the whole new level of the completeness and efficiency in satisfaction of peoples’ information demands for their knowledge of the area of law, promotion of its development; elaboration of general theoretical law-making and law enforcement problems in the context of legal state formation; study of the topical problems of the history of Ukrainian state building, of the theory and practice of state law of foreign states and international law; coverage of theoretical foundations and applied issues in the operation of state and self-governing authorities within the context of civil society development.

The Herald will give coverage to the information about the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, its scientific and research institutions, scientific articles of the Academy members and other theorists and practitioners in law, reviews, resumes of the scientific conferences and round tables, as well as creative work and achievements of prominent Ukrainian lawyers. The Herald includes scientific articles dedicated to the topical issues of legal science such as the following: theory and history of state and law, constitutional and state development, civil, labour, financial, economic, administrative, customs, ecological, criminal law, criminal and civil procedure, criminal investigation, the issues of countering criminality, etc.

The Herald of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine is included into the international scientometrical database Index Copernicus International (Warsaw, Poland). The Herald was officially registered in the State Registration Service of Ukraine (certificate Series KV No. 19889-9689R of 09.04.2013), is included into the list of scientific specialized editions of Ukraine for publication of the results of thesis papers for earning LL.D. and Ph.D. in law degrees (order of the MOS of Ukraine No. 241 of 9.03.2016). Periodicity of the edition is 4 times a year, the language of publication is Ukrainian, Russian, English. Edition has its full-text digital Internet version on the Internet platform of the V. I. Vernadskii National Library of Ukraine.

On the Herald’s pages, we are expecting to publish scientific and theoretical and practical developments on topical general theoretical and branch legal issues, law enforcement practice. The Herald shall become an organisational link which may help both touch on the topical problems as well as join forces of the scientist and practitioners in their resolution which will facilitate harmonious development of legal state.

We are looking forward to cooperation with scholars and legal practitioners for discussion of the urgent issues of modern legal science, making scientific community aware of the latest scientific developments.

head of the scientific council,
Honorary president of the NALS of Ukraine,
Rector of the Yaroslav Mudryi NLU,
LL.D., professor,
Member of the NAS and the NALS of Ukraine